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Letter from the Editor
By Jim Furey

As I sit here the temperature is hovering around 60 degrees and it is well into May. I know this weather has to change soon. There have been some good riding days but not enough for my liking. But that said I welcome you to our June issue.

Is it a coincidence that Mother’s Day is in May and then the very next month is home to Father’s Day. I think not. This year Father’s Day has special meaning for me. Those of you who are friends of mine or who like the magazine on Facebook, already know that not too long ago my father had a stroke. He is doing okay but there is a long road to travel before or if he returns to anything like his former self. There are moments but they have been fleeting. To those of you who have sent well wishes and prayers I thank you.

Many of you also know from Facebook that I also have another career. I am also a respiratory therapist. I enjoy this taking care of folks, trying to save lives gives my life still greater purpose. That said since I’ve started doing and from events in my own family, I have learned that life is fragile. It is amazing to me how people can be seemingly in fine shape one day. Then one little thing happens and the scale of life is drastically altered. Something that seems so minor or insignificant to those in the prime of life can be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back.

The point of all this is, life is fragile and we never know how long people will be around. So spend as much time with them as you can. Steven Covey the author said “no one ever gets to the end of their time and says boy I wish I would have spent more time working.” No in fact most people lament the opportunities that they let slip away to spend time with friends and family. So I urge you to let those you care about know how you feel and spend your time wisely. As for my father happy father’s day dad and I love you.

Finally there are some great events coming up this month. Among them are the Motorheads Kenny Hoffman Run on the 2nd, the Make A Wish Ride on the 9th and the Hartbauer McBride Party on the 16th. I hope to see you at many of these and thanks for making us part of your biking life.

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